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Tom O'Dwyer
Vice President/ Instructional Design Specialist

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Tom O’Dwyer is the First Officer of SMBC Incorporated, a professional firm committed to effectively serving the training and consulting needs of businesses and organizations, enabling them to achieve a superior position in their market.

Mr. O’Dwyer has served as First Officer of SMBC since 1994. He has fourteen years experience as a professional trainer and coach. Prior to that he served for over fourteen years in private industry in sales and marketing; public relations and advertising; operations management and administration. He has over twenty years of adult leadership with the Boy Scouts, training youth and adult members in all aspects of leadership.

Mr. O’Dwyer earned an MA in Instructional Systems Development from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, attended Kent State University for his Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, and held professional certification as an Instructor through the Dale Carnegie® Instructional Conference.

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