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Where do I Start?

  All training and services are custom designed for individual clients, groups, or associations. When planning an initiative, please review the following questions to help you get a handle on where to begin. 
1. Who holds the responsibility for training and development?


2. What is the demographic breakdown of those individuals to be trained?
- job title, age, gender, education, geography, other


3. What is your organizational style most like (by way of analogy)?


4. List the top 5 services or abilities which you offer your customers?
(what differentiates your company from its competitors)


5. Describe your one and five year goals for an initiative in terms of:
  • areas of change, program titles, topics, or issues
  • results desired in terms of changes in: 
    - knowledge, skills, abilities, attitude, behavior, other


    6. Do you have organizational support for these initiatives, if so how much?


    7. Do you have a time line for these initiatives, if so what is it?
    8. Do you have a budget for these initiatives, if so how much?



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