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December 2008


Stress Management: Are you The Mess?

Gratefully adapted with permission from Michael Bryant, President of Career Transition Services who can be reached at (410) 444-5857.

We experience stress from a variety of sources.  We bring some of that stress upon ourselves.  Lets examine one way we experience stress: The Mess.

The  Behaviors:

  • I spend part of each week looking for misplaced items.
  • I waste time surfing the Internet or reading e-mail.
  • I have a difficult time ending phone calls.
  • I am easily interrupted.
  • I don't really have a set schedule.
  • I have a set schedule but I rarely stick to it.
  • I believe the secret to solving most time problems is to simply put in more hours.
  • I am a chronic procrastinator.
  • I am chronically late.
  • I often end the day or week with little or no idea of what I've accomplished.
  • I secretly believe I'll never get organized.

The Problems:

  • You are avoiding situations that make you anxious. The very act of avoidance will make many bad situations that much worse.
  • Disorganized people often hold up a project for other people.
  • Others may begin to consider you unreliable and undependable.
  • If you become too disorganized, it is possible that all work will grind to a halt.
  • You may become relegated to more mundane tasks because you demonstrate you can’t complete important projects on time.

Some Solutions:

  • Remember the two basic principles of organizing “stuff”- like things live together and everything has a home.
  • When possible, schedule your week in chunks of two to three days rather than having a daily schedule.
  • In one day, you can do one day’s work. No two days are alike.
  • When you plan your time, build in time for interruptions.
  • Set time goals and content goals.
  • Do your hardest work when you have the most energy.
  • Remember, most jobs take 25% to 50% longer than we think.

Michael Bryant - Corporate Trainer

Has twenty years experience facilitating organizational change by teaching how to improve communication, share accurate information, and involve others in decisions.  He can be reached by phone at (410) 444-5857 or by  e-mail at mb3126@gmail.com



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