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March 2008


Tips For Reducing Conflict

Gratefully adapted with permission from Michael Bryant, President of Career Transition Services who can be reached at (410) 444-5857.

– Stay on the Subject
I won’t get sidetracked by interpersonal styles and irrelevant issues.

– Stay Current
When dealing with conflict I’ll stay in the present avoiding the temptation to argue history.

– Eliminate Messengers and Triangles
If I have an issue with someone, I’ll talk to him or her not about them.

– Be Willing to Stretch
If I see that meeting someone ‘halfway” is not enough, I’ll do more.

– Use  “I” Language
I’ll avoid using the accusatory “you” and focus on communicating my point of view.

– Stay Out of Other People’s Movie
I’ll remember that other people’s behavior isn’t always about me.

– Avoid Becoming Telepathic
I won’t assume I know what someone is thinking. I’ll ask.

– Relax
Realizing that too much stress leads to poor performance, I’ll avoid creating more stress.

– Give Others the Benefit of the Doubt
Rather than assuming the worst, I’ll allow people to explain and focus on good intent.

Now, choose one tool that will help you communicate more effectively and reduce conflict.  It takes only 30 days to form a new habit.  Start forming a new one today!

Michael Bryant - Corporate Trainer

Has twenty years experience facilitating organizational change by teaching how to improve communication, share accurate information, and involve others in decisions.  He can be reached by phone at (410) 444-5857 or by e-mail at mb3126@gmail.com



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