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December 2010


Prospering With Teamwork

1. What Teamwork Is

Abilities.   Acceptance.  Action.  Appreciation.  Asking for help.  Attitudes.  Authority.  Belief in what you are doing.  Capabilities.  Caring.  Challenges.  Clear Roles.  Collaboration.  Commitment.  Common Goals.   Commonalities.  Communication.  Competence.  Confidence.  Conflict Resolution.  Camaraderie.  Cooperation.  Courtesy.  Creativity.  Decisiveness.  Dedication.  Delegation.  Differences.  Diplomacy.  Diversity.  Effectiveness.  Efficiency.  Empathy.  Emotion. Empowerment.  Encouragement.  Endurance.  Enjoyment.  Experience.  Expertise.  Fairness.  Feedback.  Flexibility.  Focus.  Food.  Fun.  Good Faith.  Good Will.  Helpful.  Honesty.  Inclusive.   Individuality.  Initiative.  Input.  Integrity.  Interest.  Intuitiveness.  Keeping Faith.    Knowledgeable.  Laughter.  Leadership.  Learning.  Legacy.   Listening.  Love for your job.  Loyalty.  Motivation.  Mutual Interests.  Non-judgmental.  Objectivity.  Open-minded.  Opportunities.  Ownership.  Participation.  People.  Plan.  Positive attitude.  Professionalism.  Preparation.  Priorities.  Problem Solving.  Qualifications.  Quality.  Respect. Recognition and Rewards. Responsibility.  Selflessness.  Skills.  Strategy.  Strengths.  Support.  Talents.  Thinking.  Training.  Trust.  Understanding.  Unity.  Values.  Vision.  Willingness.  Will Power.  Working Together.

These definitions have been gathered from over 5000 participants in our team training sessions over the past five years.  Everyone's opinion of what teamwork means is valuable. 

2. What Teamwork Is Not

Affirmative action.  Court ordered.  Exclusive.  Executive ordered.  A Fad.  Government intervention.  Law.  Legal obligation.  A Problem.  Mandated.

3. Focus On Respect For The Individual

Everyone's view is different (at least according to the list above).  No matter who we ask, we get diverse answers.  Each team must work to define teamwork among its members.  Each individual wants to be respected for their ability to help the organization succeed (which was why you hired them in the first place).

4. Focus On Conscious Choice

When someone new joins the team, make the choice to help him or her understand the values for which the team stands.  Choose to learn from them and benefit from the change they bring.

Our businesses can either benefit from the changing marketplace or we can go out of business.  Teamwork is here to stay. 

Make the conscious choice to value, to learn from, and to work with the strengths of every member of your team.  It’s the only competitive choice.



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