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October 2010


Why Teamwork?

We all know the world is changing.  We can see change in our lives and in the people around us everyday.  Our customers, suppliers, and employees are quite different now from even five years ago.  The world is changing toward teamwork.

We are sometimes frightened by the changes, and yet we are told we have to accept them and adapt.  But what's in it for us if we do so?  How does it help our employees, our businesses, our customers, and us?

Curious about how teamwork will effect your organization?  Consider these ideas.

Key Considerations

1. What if we do not value teamwork?

The liabilities of not valuing teamwork include:

  • High turnover and absenteeism
  • Low employee morale
  • Reduced ability to recruit the best talent
  • Lagging productivity
  • Stagnation of products and services
  • Lack of ownership of project
  • No pride in accomplishments
  • Poor financial performance
  • Shrinking market share
  • Growing competitors

2. What if we do value teamwork?

The benefits of valuing teamwork include:

  • Full utilization of human resources
  • Reduced interpersonal conflict
  • Expanding labor pool
  • Reduced staffing costs
  • Enhanced work relationships
  • Greater flexibility and innovation of new products and services
  • Improved problem solving
  • Shared organizational vision and values
  • Increased employee commitment
  • Superior financial performance

3. What is the long-term effect?

Valuing teamwork requires change in your corporate culture, your mission, vision, values, and objectives.  If you make these changes then individual respect and self-esteem are raised.  In turn, you increase the effectiveness of work teams.  This brings about increased productivity organization-wide.  This leads to a better bottom-line and superior financial performance.  This gives you the competitive edge with your customers and clients.  You become the supplier-of-choice because you offer higher quality and competitive price while maintaining a superior image in your community and in your industry.  This improves your attractiveness to stockholders, and provides long-term opportunities for all employees.




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