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November 2009


Hiring and Firing
The How - To's

Hiring and firing are the most challenging emotional communication experiences you will face in business.  Your decision to hire or fire someone will influence you, that individual, your family, their family, your team, your company's image in the community, your customers, and your stakeholders.  It is normal to experience strong emotions when making decisions of this magnitude.  Those emotions can be frightening and could cripple your ability to make effective decisions. 

Want to reduce the emotion and be more effective?  Start with these strategies.

Key Strategies

1. Know Your Real Goals

  • Higher productivity
  • Stronger employee loyalty
  • Better team morale
  • Reaching a fair decision
  • Correct behavior within the law
  • Good public relations
  • A decision that allows you to sleep at night

These goals are the same for hiring and firing.  In order to overcome the frightening emotions involved in hiring and firing, you need to focus on positive goals.

2. Involve Human Resources

Before taking action.  Your Human Resources department is your best friend in these situations.  Talk with them before doing anything.  Invite them to review your ideas before you take action.  Expect them to be with you in the room when you take action.  If you haven't got an HR department, then involve your attorney.   Both will provide a calming and rational influence in a time of emotional turmoil.

3. Standardize Procedures

 Handle each hiring process the same.  Have standard interview questions for each position within your organization.  Have standard processes for how each candidate is interviewed.  Document each step of the process for every candidate.  Send copies of that documentation to Human Resources to maintain on-file.

Handle each firing process the same (unless emergency circumstances require extraordinary action).  Document behavior leading to a termination of employment.  Send copies of that documentation to Human Resources to maintain on-file.

4. Remember Reciprocity

How your treat your candidates during the hiring process, and how you treat your employees during the firing process is exactly how your team will treat your best customers.  Treat them with courtesy and respect, and they will treat you and your customers with courtesy and respect.



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